Upcoming Appearance: Salt Lake Christmas Tour, December 4-9, 2017

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee one of several speakers on the Salt Lake Christmas Tour, December 3-9, 2017 at the Plaza Hotel, Salt Lake City

Starting Monday, December 4th through Saturday, December 9th, I will be lecturing in Salt Lake City, Utah as part of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour 2017. Click here for information and hopefully I will see you there!

I’ll be delivering the following lectures:

  • After You’re Gone: Future Proofing Your Genealogy Research
  • Dropbox for Genealogists
  • Family History Trippin’: Planning a Successful Genealogy Trip
  • Google Drive for Genealogists
  • Google Forms for Genealogists
  • Metadata for Digital Images
  • The 15 Habits of Highly Frugal Genealogists
  • The Genealogy Do-Over™: A Year of Learning from Mistakes
  • They’re Alive: Searching for Living Persons
  • What’s Been Done: Using Someone Else’s Genealogy Research

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About the Author

Thomas MacEntee
Genealogy educator and author Thomas MacEntee has been researching his family history for more than 40 years and is the creator of Abundant Genealogy, Genealogy Bargains, DNA Bargains, The Genealogy Do-Over and numerous other web-based genealogy and family history properties.