Wearables and Genealogy: Wacky and Wild or Worth the Wait?

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Length: 60 minutes (flexible)

Summary: What if you could wear a device that would tell you all about a person as you stood in front of their gravestone? What about a device that told you that a DNA match was attending the same genealogy conference? These ideas may seem too futuristic, but they are available now and waiting to be used by genealogists and family historians.

Description: As technology advances, the Internet is being made personal in the form of wearable devices. These devices can not only track how far you’ve walked, what you’ve eaten and more, they can also present information when you are in front of a gravestone or a historical site. Learn about Google Glass, Smart Watches and in-development devices that are slated to become the next new genealogy tools.

Audience Level: Beginner.

Content: 4 pages.


  • Wearable What? An overview of current wearables
  • How wearables will drive genealogy research and discovery
  • Why wearables will be important in the future
  • Wearables and privacy
  • What’s available now and in the near future

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