Microsoft Word for Self-Publishing

Microsoft Word Secrets for Self-Publishing

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Length: 60-90 minutes (flexible)

Summary: Preparing a written narrative extracted from your genealogy research may seem straightforward, even using a generally accepted document software like Microsoft Word. But there are special considerations when it comes to self-publishing that narrative, in both print and e-book format. Learn the secrets to producing a formatted narrative that can easily be published on a variety of self-publishing platforms.

*    Microsoft Word 2010 will be the version used during the webinar. Many, if not all, of the features are the same or similar on other versions of Word including 2007 and 2013.

Description: Participants will learn how to resolve some of the most annoying and frustrating problems with Microsoft Word when it comes to self-publishing: the best formatting for various self-publishing platforms, inserting images, page layout, headers and footers and more.

Audience Level: Beginner.

Content: 6 pages.


  • Self-Publishing Requires Special Formatting in Microsoft Word
  • Print Formatting vs. Ebook Formatting
  • Microsoft Word Secrets for Self-Publishing
    • Select Your Book Size FIRST
    • Formatting: The K.I.S.S. Concept
    • Take Advantage of Styles
    • Table of Contents: Yes or No?
    • Be Font Savvy
    • Please Stay Put: Inserting Images and More
    • Avoid File Size Bloat
    • Crazy Stuff: Tables, Automated Lists, and Footnotes

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