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[UPDATE June 2012: Most of my offerings at Lulu.com have been retired. The reason: it has been difficult to keep various guides on Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, etc. updated. Please stay tuned for new offerings soon!]

High-Definition Genealogy and The Connected Genealogist are proud to announce its new and FREE Getting Started With Facebook guide (opens in PDF) as well as updates to its Facebook listings of genealogy people, fan pages, groups and genealogy societies!

The new cheat sheet is designed for those genealogists who need some guidance on how to setup a Facebook account, how to configure account settings, how to protect privacy and more.

Getting Started With Facebook

In addition, here are some listings of genealogy-related people and pages on Facebook:

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Thomas MacEntee
Genealogy educator and author Thomas MacEntee has been researching his family history for more than 40 years and is the creator of Abundant Genealogy, Genealogy Bargains, DNA Bargains, The Genealogy Do-Over and numerous other web-based genealogy and family history properties.

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  1. I had no problem opening the .pdf .

  2. Marie Sandvig | May 13, 2010 at 12:25 pm |

    I was able to open and print just fine. What version of Windows are you running? I have Vista.

  3. Can’t open the .pdf – Error message = Error opening document, file is damaged and cannot be repaired.

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