Press Releases Go 21st Century

Press Releases Go 21st Century

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Length: 60 minutes

Summary: While the press release may seem like a 20th century relic from the days of news rooms and newspaper editors, a press release can help launch an effective marketing campaign using 21st century marketing tools.

Description:  Many marketers in the 21st century still rely upon the press release as a vehicle for getting the word out about a product, service or event. Learn how to write an effective press release as well as how to extend its reach via social media.

Audience Level: Beginner

Requirements: Projection for laptop/netbook computer on large screen; internet connection – wired or wireless (preferred in order to show live websites and resources).

Content: 4 page handout


  • Are Press Releases Still Relevant in the 21st Century?
  • How to Write an Effective Press Release
  • Getting Your Press Release Noticed
  • Press Releases and Social Media
  • Tips and Tricks for Effective Press Releases
  • Resource List

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