Got Illinois Ancestors? A Guide To Prairie State Genealogy

Got Illinois Ancestors? A Guide To Prairie State Genealogy

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Length: 60 minutes

Summary: Many of our ancestors either settled in Illinois or passed through on their way out West. Learn the basics of Prairie State research as well as some unusual resources!

Description: While Illinois genealogy research is no easier or more difficult than other states, there are special resources with which many genealogists are unfamiliar. Learn about the history of the Prairie State and its migration patterns to understand how your ancestors lived and how to find them!

Audience Level: Beginner

Requirements: Projection for laptop/netbook computer on large screen; internet connection – wired or wireless (preferred in order to show live interaction using various websites).

Content: 4 page handout


  • Illinois Genealogy – A Methodology
  • A Brief Illinois History Lesson
  • Illinois Geography and Migration Patterns
  • Illinois Genealogy Tips & Tricks
  • 10 Illinois Resources You Should Know
  • An Illinoisan’s Secret Links
  • Resource List

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