Creating a Family History Website

Creating a Family History Website

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Length: 60 minutes

Summary: Would you like to share your family history research with other family members but in a way that is visually appealing and doesn’t make their eyes glaze over or run the other way? In this session you’ll learn about a wide variety of options available and the best ways to post your research and hook your family members!

Description: There are many ways you can share your family history findings and this session will focus on Web-based platforms, both free and fee-based. Learn what is currently available, the technology behind the sites, and some best-practices to use when designing a workspace.

Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Requirements: Projection for laptop/netbook computer on large screen; internet connection – wired or wireless (preferred in order to show live interaction using various websites).

Content: 4 page handout


  • What is a Family History Workspace?
  • Types of Family History Workspaces
  • What’s In Your Family History Workspace?
  • Getting Other Family Members Involved in Your Family History Workspace
  • Best Practices for Designing a Family History Workspace
  • Resource List

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