04 October 2012 ~ Comments Off on New Article: The (Not So) Private Lives of Our Ancestors

New Article: The (Not So) Private Lives of Our Ancestors


My latest article entitled “The (Not So) Private Lives of Our Ancestors” has been posted at Archives.com.  This is one of many articles you’ll find as part of the Learn from Experts series at Archives.com – check it out and you will see some familiar faces among the genealogy blogging crowd!

The most recent article discusses the meaning of privacy for our ancestors and how you can actually be a genealogy “snoop” to find out the details of their lives.

Visit the  Articles page here at High-Definition Genealogy for my other recent and past articles on genealogy.

Disclaimer: this was an assignment for Archives.com in which I was paid to produce a an article on the subject of genealogy webinars.  In addition to payment, I also received a complimentary membership to Archives.com.  See the Disclosure Statements page for a list of all material connections I have with genealogy vendors.

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